Foot slip

It happens. The cause of foot slip must be complicated.

If you don't look where you put your foot, it may slip.

Contact area between foot and rock might not be adequate. More rubber you step on, the better it is. The way foot touches the rock also reflects how your psychology is. The more advanced a climber is, the more relaxed she is. Relaxed feet, hands and the whole body.

I think the foot slips because one is tense and the body posture is not in balance. Sure it is a general thing to say.

There is a lot happening while you climb. Your forearm gets pumped because of isometric contraction and it prevents blood flow. Your control of breathing relaxes overall nervous state and thereby encourages your body to be in balance and overall awareness of your body.

First one should do when one needs to focus or pumped or panic. It is to relax and breath deeply to relax your nervous system so your awareness increases.

Foot slip is just symptomatic of the imbalance.


5.6 Belaying vs 5.12 Belaying

Have you ever given someone climbing hard climbs?

At 5.6, a climber can take minutes to place a gear, few more minutes to test and final clip.

At 5.12, a climber might be on overhang and place a gear and clip in less a minute sometime.

Belaying someone at different grade is entirely different and a belayer should be trained for safety. You might as well be certified for each grade instead of one certification thinking you are done with belaying.

I have improved my belaying but still need to be even more amazing at belaying.

Why? It is because you can save your friend from injuries and unnecessary long falls.

Fear of falling vs Actual falling

Fear of falling is good and bad.

It helps us stick to the rock and finish climbing a route. When you try to finish climbing, you are not learning techniques but performing moves to finish. When you don't have that fear, it is like top roping, just making the moves and improving.

But one should not blindly apply that when performing because you could fall by not paying attention and you can get hurt.

So, work with fear of falling when it is safe. Hang on to your dear life when it is not safe because injuries even minor one like a simple sprain can set you back many months.

Train as if you are climbing. Climb as if you are training.

Hello World

There are lots of people and articles about climbing. This blog deals mostly with bits and pieces about climbing.

Why another blog about climbing?

Just because you are talented does not mean you don't go through every bit of improving. My ramblings go into situations and realizations of minute details about aspects of climbing.